Welcome to Workshop DKF

Welcome to the DKF Workshop, our members only, interactive site for serious students of Astrology.
Through this site members may:

  • Read restricted-access articles & correspondence
  • Post their own communications & make contacts
  • Get help with calculations & queries.

  • Membership:
  • All existing Ark Fund share holders have automatic membership. Please Register on this site with your details including name and share certificate number, Suzanne will then check your details and accept your application.
  • To become a member and have access to the site, you will need to buy 1 Ark Fund share (£12). Send an email to buy a share.

  • How to use this Workshop:
  • Send an email with your document attached to Suzanne to get it approved and if you wish, you can post this in the relevant category for other members of this forum.
  • The intention of the dkf workshop is to supply useful and accurate information to all.

  • Please help us make this a valuable resource for those working alone.